Swelling inside the mouth is the most dangerous emergency we deal with.
If you notice a swelling, anywhere in your mouth – CALL US IMMEDIATELY.
Swelling always indicates an infection of some sort.
It may be a harmless gum abscess – usually a piece of food like a popcorn kernel stuck in the gum – that may go away on its own. Or it may be a severe and potentially life-threatening infection. Please let us decide which one you have.
Oral infections can easily and quickly travel to critical areas of your body. A swelling under the tongue, usually due to an infected bottom tooth, can interfere with breathing and close up air passages.
A swelling on the outside of the face can travel up to the brain, causing brain abscess – an extremely damaging and often lethal condition.
Don’t gamble with your life – call us as soon as you feel a swollen area. You will be seen as soon as possible.

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