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Dr. Steven Polevoy is one of the few Westchester emergency dentists who is immediately available to speak to about your problem.


Our Harrison dental office is always available to serve your needs.
Whether it’s a toothache, gum swelling, swelling, or a broken tooth, we can take care of your dental emergency.  Our Westchester dental office is open late night and early morning, so  you don’t have to suffer with tooth pain for long.


“I broke my front teeth on Christmas day. I had an old bridge, and it just came out – on the Christmas morning! I had been Dr. Polevoy’s patient when I lived in Westchester, but I had since moved to Manhattan. I had no one else to call – and I had a huge party to go to that evening! When Dr. Polevoy heard what happened, he came in – on Christmas – and took care of my smile. It was the most amazing dental experience. I came in with 2 front teeth missing, and came out looking like nothing had happened. I am forever grateful to Dr. Polevoy for saving Christmas for me that year” – Susan L., Harrison.


Stories like that are typical of what Dr. Polevoy does for his patients. Once you become our patient – your dental emergency is our emergency as well. Whenever you call – he’ll talk to you in minutes, and will see you to take care of your dental emergency as soon as is necessary. That’s why he is the emergency dentist of choice of many of your neighbors in Westchester – White Plains and Scarsdale, Harrison and Rye, New Rochelle and Larchmont. Emergency Dentist that will not leave you stranded – that’s what we are all about.

We know that when it comes to dealing with your dental emergency in Harrison or Westchester, you have a large selection of emergency dentists.

We want you to know that when you select us for help you with your dental emergency, you make the right choice!




Dental Emergencies in Westchester Seen right away.
There are different kinds of dental emergencies, but whatever it is, we can take care of the problem for you.

Some of the dental emergencies and other urgent dental care matters are:


Emergency Root Canal
Emergency Tooth Extraction
Tooth Abscess
Broken Tooth
Broken Filling
Loose crown
Tooth Pain
Gum Pain
Gum Swelling
Gum Abscess


If you are having a dental emergency, call us right away.